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Gracefully Broken

Posted on December 2, 2020 at 12:15 AM

Today was my 1st day of my December cleanse, I am going the whole month without alcohol and I've started a program to help me eat healthy and stay active. I don't like to be open about my diet and routines because people always have something to say, and honestly that doesn't matter as long as you know what works for you. However, when I post my results and if anyone is interested, then I will disclose that information. As of now, the only people who know are the the ones doing it with me and my support groups.


Speaking of support groups, I've been so grateful to be in at least 3 of them! Honestly, I've just been putting myself out there to people who are on the same frequency of cleansing their bodies, losing weight, and getting more active. This has been my soul's calling for a minute now as you know and the progress has been so intensifying. Making today my 1st day was the best decision because when I woke up this morning, everyone I had previously reached out to, to begin my program was just as ready as I was. To name a few, some are detoxing from sugar, some are doing a smoothie cleanse, and some are a bit of intermittent fasting. It's great! My life has changed instantly already! I am surrounded mostly by women who are all on the same journey as me in regards to getting healthy.


On a spiritual note in regards to all of this, God has been breaking me. Not only am I financially broke during this pandemic (and I know I shouldn't speak on my life like that, but it's true!) I have no job! But in efforts to survive and stay a float unto I reach the next island, I have been breaking and crashing through into new habits, new routines, new people, and new work ethics. God is breaking me into a new lifestyle.


It's been some time now since I've been getting up routinely at 5am to pray, read, and NOW to start my day officially because of my Program. I've been disciplined on walking my dog between 7-8am, which is now an incorporated pre-workout on my off days. I am sure to edit at least 2 hours a day (no pressure if I miss a day), I've been reading and studying more and now I am suddenly surrounded by a tribe of Get Fit people. God is breaking me into a new lifestyle


When I look back to before I even began writing my book, that's when it all began! This journey of becoming who I'm meant to be couldn't have happened at a better time. In my reading/study time, I've been covering the subject of God's Providence. I believe God is telling me (and who ever is reading this) that we are right on time! We are right where we need to be. Providence is the timely preparation for future eventualities. (To whom it may concern, I have been learning from Bishop T.D. Jakes and Joel Osteen).


Today was a very unique day for all of us moving forward in our journey's to wellness because God has been carefully orchestrating and preparing us for His future eventualities (idk who I'm speaking to), but this definitely spoke to me. I have been making sooooo many small and large changes to prepare me for a more wholesome, healthy, fulfilling lifestyle. That is a goal for many of us. A today was a very uniting day to bring a lot of us together on that same frequency who have been making small and large changes themselves, ultimately getting us to that big goal(whatever that is for you, you may comment below and let me know!) For me, it's publishing my book and looking/feeling better than I do now. 2021 is going to be a NEW YEAR, NEW ME.


Being on this God-speed frequency is about Action, its about Discipline, it's about Reflecting, it's about CLEANING! And through it all it is about maintaining that energy and staying inspired. When you do this long enough, you will suddenly realize you have leveled up...but It is a breaking process and experience. You are breaking old habits, whatever that may be! And I mean, really breaking through them and staying on top of your game. It's about your character and integrity. How bad do you really want it? This is how we will change and I want to be a living proof of that along with my other friends who have inspired me. I want to give a shout out to my new Get Fit Tribe (w/ my friend Ashley R.) , T. Le Sure's Cleansing Support Group and my Girls Group family. Thank you for helping and supporting me! If I am not living proof of what I am talking about, then why am I even talking?! 


So, today was Day 1, it was complete! If I gave you the details of my results today it would be TO MUCH INFORMATION! (TMI) LOL.  I will probably check back in on Day 7 or a couple weeks later on this specific journey. I'll also be showing my "before" and "after" photos when the time comes.

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