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The Time Has Come.

Posted on November 6, 2020 at 2:50 PM

Well guys, this is the moment we've all been waiting for. Now that the book is complete, it needs to be released. This will be a process in itself that I will journey through in the universe. But the goal is to have it as divinely set as possible. July 13th 2021. This was the day it all began and this will be the date you all begin to follow my journey. Book 12 consists of a season of time from July 13th 2011 to November 6th 2011 (today's date). We will be completely 10 years apart from then to now. Exactly how much can change in 10 years? I am excited to discover with you this journey my character has went through. This is my passion. I'm so excited and ready to connect with all of you on such a deeper level, "real time"!

Well, I thought it would be important to share where I am on this journey and update you all on whats going on. What's about to happen now in these last 3 months are going to be a lot of hard work on editing, meditating, chopping though, purging and getting real deep and writing out the foundation for you all on what you're about to get into, because once it starts, its no going back. It's going to feel like I am sculpting a very important, fragile, archaic art piece. Please respect the time it will take, I will have to do the same, as excited as I am. Patience is necessary. 

TheLoveProjectt book isn't even about highlighting my "faboulous" writing skills, or awesome story telling. No, this is about a growing record of my thoughts and experiences that have made me who I am today. It is about my thought process, my mindset, and who I am. Today and forever, I am Love. Think of it as raw poetry. And I am not sugar coating words and rhyming, I'm giving it to you straight, so at first it may be a little uncomfortable, but I'm hoping to gain your loyalty and respect on this, if not? Then maybe this just isn't you business. TheLoveProjectt isn't about selling books, it's about leaving my footprints, my legacy. What has been written has already happend, good or bad,, in essence, during the editing process I probably will not be able to edit as much even if I wanted to because that would "change my life". That's not how life works, you can not change the past, you can only accept it and change your future. I will have to edit my character here in the year 2020 before I edit who I was in 2011, maybe I'll need to be more accepting of who I was back then...I was naive. I cringe sometimes at the things I've done:lol:.....But this is where we ALL start.You dont just become a pro overnight in anything. In fact, I've read that it takes 10 years experience to become an expert at what you do. 

So that time has home, I am ready. I didn't plan this, it was destined. During this time of my growth and flourishing, I accept to my best ability everything I have been in my past that I am ready to let it go and become who more of who I am meant to be on this earth. This day was inevitable, it is November 6th...and I hope you are ready.

I am TheLoveProjectt, to know me, is to read me. 

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