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Discussion Topics: #2 What Is The Art Of Storytelling

Posted on May 13, 2019 at 2:30 AM

With the art of story telling for television, I believe all the magic happens in the writers room. No duh, right? But how does the process go? I presume that each writer relates to OR IS an individual character to write their story...and that each writer is assigned or created a character. And in this art of writing it is a process in which you have to get REAL, authentic and personal with LIFE and the problems and/or insecurities that we all have! So how does the writing interaction go?

Story telling to me is real life situations highlighting the unique relationships between unique characters with unique personalities that we don't usually see in real life but can imagine and relate to in our heads. Being unique is a key! The writers know the big picture of the story and it can be so simple, so they have to get creative and some even become teachers and sponsors in the writing process. That is what I believe the art of story telling is.

In the process of building the story, they should communicate the growth and direction of the overall big picture that the viewers will discover. If that’s the case, they do this via the unique performance and placements of these characters. That's an entirely different art in itself that I presume to be paired with the writing of course. That is also what I believe the art of story telling is.

To give an example of unique character performance and communication of the growth and direction of story telling, the body language matters. The way they sit, stand, their facial expressions, the way they walk, think, and reminisce, it ALL communicates some growth or direction of the story. And the writers make it interesting for the viewers with unique personality performance.

They also make sure to pose great symbolisms to things that we know certain characters will relate to in their journey. Side note? That is an art of storytelling beyond just the writing because you have a viewing (i.e TV) as a bigger platform to express the story(i,e. not only in words, but in visible tangible objects)

In the 2018 Comedy Tv series, Good Girls, ill give you an example of great symbolism with the use of a tangible object , that is performed by the perfect mother character, Beth. In Season 2 episode 10, When Beth decided to quit her life as a potential felon, we realized the inception to when she began to miss that old “book club” life(intangible memory/scene). Her traditional book club friends had no clue what to do without her and giving her all the control. You can tell by the dreamy music, and the fading away of the voices, that Beth was going inside her head into the past from when she was a real bad ass, boss bitch. She missed her old "book club" life. She was also realizing or having an epiphany that her position in traditional book club wasn't any different as a boss bitch, expect she used to be better! Long story short, and so that reminiscing feeling performed itself out by her stealing a chapstick. This is the art in motion intertwining with symbolism of an object (no words and body language). And its such a cute gesture in how they made a tangible object(chapstick) symbolize her intangible memory. This little act of stealing was so simple , easy, and not even close to half as bad as how she use to be. So she gets away with it, now having this secret to herself that only the viewers now know. When she uses this chapstick in public, to anyone, that's just a purely innocent act. However the viewers who are watching see this as an interesting plot twist or what have you. That purely innocent act of using chapstick is now a symbolism into her inner secret bad ass that we now know. In this art, she's found a way to connect with that past when she misses it simply thru the use of chapstick. And so now we’ve been grown into an possible direction of this story,and where will it lead? I’ve already finished the episode so, it’s kind of no surprise, if you're interested.

Not to mention, as I conclude, with Beth’s little secret symbol into her dark, troubled yet exhilarating and rewarding past, we can't forget the outside world; she also has family and friends, the same shit we all have in our lives to deal with. This makes Beth’s story so interesting! Don't we have secrets of our own? Are yours as big as hers? We never know that how real life can be for us “normal” people. For the record, I am not a secret drug dealer. But it makes us think, what would we do in her situation? It’s a lot to think about and enjoy while watch this show. And if any of you haven't gotten in board with it by now? Stop what you're doing and go watch Hulu or (see? Now I'm sponsoring) That is what I believe the art of story telling is.


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