Candyman Nostalgia -Emotional Inception

Posted on January 23, 2019 at 4:50 PM

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I think every 25 year old experiences that moment of bliss--dancing with a stranger in a club one night. It's not as creepy as it reads, in fact It magical, just like the movies! We were in each others own world of bodily communication! Whatever my body did, this mysterious dancer of mine, mirrored my move in his own unique & colorful way. Intuitively we did that for 4 beats and then he switched it up and then it was HIS turn to take the lead and then I mirrored, in my own unique way. This was unlike any dancing I've done before, no, this was ARTISTIC! LOL... We were "[running] with the feeling of being of being alive , while we're still young] . Those are lyrics from that song King Of The Summer (check out the video)! Feel alive.

*Side note* Whenever you see a blog written in red, it’s expressing the balance in my psychological emotional life—mental well being, feelings, and emotions. It also includes other facets like optimism, a sense of satisfaction and most importantly, having a sense of purpose...referring back to my brands mission, If we are to reach self-actualization, having a sense of purpose is important. #EmotionalBalance

This was an event from Courtney. Me and Courtney have a pretty dark, romantic, emotional roller coaster of a ride—HISTORY. (according to me only). LOL Have you ever been in a relationship with someone in YOUR HEAD for years? That was me...that was US. But nonetheless, the events and experiences that happened in our life together were true: the kissing, the rendezvous, the love triangles, the threesome, the arguments—make up and break ups; I was just the only one madly in love, while to her, it was what most of us call "dating" today. That was my 1st HANDS ON love. And I'm actually thinking more and more about publishing part of our story BECAUSE, it was her last name that gave me the inspiration to my LLC name. Deep anyways, this was her event for her bday, and we danced together that night. It was SOMEWHAT of magical experience because I felt nostalgic with blurred memories from our college life. Ahhhh, we were so young and naive back then...and we definitely didn't know ourselves as well as we do now. For one, the dancing we did together back then had me unbelievably horny ALL THE TIME. (Grinding on someone you are obsessed with, and all the hormones?) It was nuts. As an adult now? its just funny. Its crazy how we came to be after that relationship! In a sense you could say that I was "holding on to memories, cause smiles are still alive" ..."walking through my past days , where the days are full of joy, And it feels so good" (Once again, more lyrics from Candyman, seriously, check out the video!)


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