Spiritual Inception into Leadership

Posted on January 15, 2019 at 6:25 PM

It’s time to get deep. And by deep, I mean SPIRITUAL. I miss the says where I really invested in my spiritual self. There was a unique relationship between me and God in my writing and I told Him all about my spiritual revelations and confirmations. They never went away and I am still that person, I just stopped writing about my spiritual revelations because — I’m going to be honest, it took some serious investment and consistency to actually see how God unfolded situations within myself and my relationships, through the sent symbolism and people He’s encountered me with. He always revealed meaning to things I’ve questioned. And also..things just became too shameful to dig into…

But I'm not going to get too personal. It’s been a minute since I’ve dived into God’s spiritual confirmations over my life through people. All my life, God has used choose people to SEE in me what I’ve always seen in myself deep down—modestly. It’s spiritual confirmation because I don't TELL these people ANYTHING like that about me. How do they know and see what I know and see in me? It’s spiritual confirmation that I’m not crazy of boasting about my future what I envision—God willing.

So this Spiritual confirmation happened yesterday while I was out at a birthday dinner with my neighbor and her family. And it’s also spiritual in that, before I even left to the dinner, I was hanging with my sister feeling INCLINED to GO to this dinner and be on time for some reason. I told my sister, “Maybe I will meet someone”, being open-minded and in my Player mode—hoping I’d meet another fine chick to perhaps distract me from all this…but no, I really “met and seen” my neighbor spiritually and all she had to say to me from God. And this is a woman of faith…I mean, her family is deeply rooted in faith, she’s the pastors daughter! LOL…She was the one.

She and I recognized that she played her part in being a VESSEL in this spiritual confirmation over my life…That was deep.

Here’s where it gets deeper: She told me that when she 1st laid eyes on me she “saw someone important” *chills*…HER WORDS! NOT MINE, I promise I’m not boasting. Love does not boast. Then the 1st words that came to her mind were “Touch Lives…”

I didn't even know what to say to that! Truth be told: I want to be a Life Coach. I want to touch lives with my stories. (Book 12-33). And I’ve always seen that for myself. I see Artist and Players really being the Physical and Environmental platform to help and lead my people in the right direction…

I am still learning the way to get there, but I know—through spiritual confirmations that that’s where I’m heading eventually—God willing. I’m following the journey unknown and having faith along the way. That’s the reason I'm even here now writing this to you…This was a feeling I needed to follow.

In addition to this, she then discovered that I was a Visionary—like her sister. She said I had THE GIFT & that I should read about it in the book of Ephesians. That was perhaps a message from God revealing a new spiritual identity in me. Thank You…

Could it be that my Gift transfers to chosen people and that THEY’RE the one’s to SEE and confirm what I see? (Like a selectively contagious Holy Spirit that temporarily & unconsciously possesses them with the gift of prophecy)? God works in mysteriously ways……

From what I learned having the gift of being a visionary—from the perspective of the Bible, means having the gift of prophecy. And in that moment, I remember feeling afraid and feeling predisposed to going home to be safe. She wasn’t trying to freak me out but I was freaking my own self out.

Not everything I see is good. I see dark things too…(i.e. doubt, death and a host of other wicked things). But just as there is GOOD and EVIL, I should realistically know these things exist in our world. That doesn't mean I have to OWN everything I see. It just makes me a realist…because who wants to be blindly optimistic… This is also just the mental weight of being a Scorpio.

God doesn't give a spirit of fear…I had some work to do, and that highly involves focusing on the POSITIVE in spite of the NEGATIVE in our world. Because it’s there, that’s life. That’s one of the whole notions of BALANCE. (Here is the Yin Yang Symbol Simplified below).

So I went home, prayed, and started reading the book of Ephesians. I am reading thoroughly through this book now with hopes to hear from God and know more of what a visionary is…Who am I God?

I asked Him to speak to me and long story shortened, he led me towards LEADERSHIP. And I’ll just end it there. (To be continued…;))

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