Introducing The Deep Dive Flow

Posted on January 14, 2019 at 4:25 PM

Brittany apparently isn’t mad with me about that post I sent her. Going with the flow did me well, and I guess all it took was patience. Sometimes we have to remember that when that other doesn't text back, you kinda don’t know whats happening on the other side. My imagination got the best of me, but I stayed and she came back. Now’s its time go deeper…

It feels like there was an energy shift, as if that outspoken post broke some big ice. Not giving a fuck does wonders, but it is risky.

The flow now is still enigmatic though, & I don’t feel like I’m trying too hard because of that but I’m still being me and showing my interest and she seems to be just…romantically platonic. It’s funny…and its safe. Satisfying nonetheless…

She is not that reciprocative to my “personality-driven” comments (i.e. comments/statements designed to scratch the surface and get a little more information about what a person’s emotionality is like and who they are, if that makes since)… she's not opening that door for me, and that’s okay, just an acknowledgment. She’s keeping things light and surfaced and I guess I should follow suit. But then there are those moments when I feel she's flirting? I know terms of endearment can mean just about ANYTHING these days, but when you begin to KNOW a person better, you can decipher if it’s a meaningful term of endearment or just words... but I guess I should follow suit right? I'll flirt right back. 

Not to forget the sexual door she opened for me in the very beginning of our talking, when the spark was lit. That revealed the initial interest… that she’s now hidden because of the return of her most recent situation. Things like that don't just go away because you stop expressing them.

I know she’s a good girl, that’s probably what this is all about. Self-control and being faithful…But when you have your eye on someone who may not be your cup of tea at the moment, you may know sure as hell know they will be that shot of tequila when you know the time is right. She knows that. I feel that--but we’re just getting to know each other now.

She’s grown, she’s not stupid…she knows assertiveness and how to use it when she wants what she desires & she’s a freak when she wants to be…but most importantly, she REAL and there is nothing fake about her. She got this if she wanted...and I don't mind either way. 

Just to be clear, I’m not expecting nothing from this relationship, this is just introducing a deep flow into my thoughts about where this could be going… I cannot do the surface level shit for long, you should know I get deeper. It’s interesting, so just flow with me if you will...And tbh, I feel we all thiink the same way but are too ashamed to let the world know that we all think this deep about someone. Do I sound obsessive? Well, I'm not. But anyways...

We have our 1st meet-up soon…Stay tuned. 

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