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Discussion Topics: #2 What Is The Art Of Storytelling

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With the art of story telling for television, I believe all the magic happens in the writers room. No duh, right? But how does the process go? I presume that each writer relates to OR IS an individual character to write their story...and that each writer is assigned or created a character. And in this art of writing it is a process in which you have to get REAL, authentic and personal with LIFE and the problems and/or insecurities that we all have! So how does the writing interaction go?

Story telling to me is real life situations highlighting the unique relationships between unique characters with unique personalities that we don't usually see in real life but can imagine and relate to in our heads. Being unique is a key! The writers know the big picture of the story and it can be so simple, so they have to get creative and some even become teachers and sponsors in the writing process. That is what I believe the art of story telling is.

In the process of building the story, they should communicate the growth and direction of the overall big picture that the viewers will discover. If that’s the case, they do this via the unique performance and placements of these characters. That's an entirely different art in itself that I presume to be paired with the writing of course. That is also what I believe the art of story telling is.

To give an example of unique character performance and communication of the growth and direction of story telling, the body language matters. The way they sit, stand, their facial expressions, the way they walk, think, and reminisce, it ALL communicates some growth or direction of the story. And the writers make it interesting for the viewers with unique personality performance.

They also make sure to pose great symbolisms to things that we know certain characters will relate to in their journey. Side note? That is an art of storytelling beyond just the writing because you have a viewing (i.e TV) as a bigger platform to express the story(i,e. not only in words, but in visible tangible objects)

In the 2018 Comedy Tv series, Good Girls, ill give you an example of great symbolism with the use of a tangible object , that is performed by the perfect mother character, Beth. In Season 2 episode 10, When Beth decided to quit her life as a potential felon, we realized the inception to when she began to miss that old “book club” life(intangible memory/scene). Her traditional book club friends had no clue what to do without her and giving her all the control. You can tell by the dreamy music, and the fading away of the voices, that Beth was going inside her head into the past from when she was a real bad ass, boss bitch. She missed her old "book club" life. She was also realizing or having an epiphany that her position in traditional book club wasn't any different as a boss bitch, expect she used to be better! Long story short, and so that reminiscing feeling performed itself out by her stealing a chapstick. This is the art in motion intertwining with symbolism of an object (no words and body language). And its such a cute gesture in how they made a tangible object(chapstick) symbolize her intangible memory. This little act of stealing was so simple , easy, and not even close to half as bad as how she use to be. So she gets away with it, now having this secret to herself that only the viewers now know. When she uses this chapstick in public, to anyone, that's just a purely innocent act. However the viewers who are watching see this as an interesting plot twist or what have you. That purely innocent act of using chapstick is now a symbolism into her inner secret bad ass that we now know. In this art, she's found a way to connect with that past when she misses it simply thru the use of chapstick. And so now we’ve been grown into an possible direction of this story,and where will it lead? I’ve already finished the episode so, it’s kind of no surprise, if you're interested.

Not to mention, as I conclude, with Beth’s little secret symbol into her dark, troubled yet exhilarating and rewarding past, we can't forget the outside world; she also has family and friends, the same shit we all have in our lives to deal with. This makes Beth’s story so interesting! Don't we have secrets of our own? Are yours as big as hers? We never know that how real life can be for us “normal” people. For the record, I am not a secret drug dealer. But it makes us think, what would we do in her situation? It’s a lot to think about and enjoy while watch this show. And if any of you haven't gotten in board with it by now? Stop what you're doing and go watch Hulu or (see? Now I'm sponsoring) That is what I believe the art of story telling is.


Discussion Topics: #1 Healthy Relationships Know God?

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Purple: Spiritual Domain of Health

When you think of all great healthy loves out there in the world?(and I was thinking of at least 4 family members in my family that have a healthy loves: my sister and her husband, my mom and stepdad, my dad and stepmom, aunts and uncles)…I noticed this similarity in all of the relationships in that they know God; They are spiritually conscious to some degree of knowing who God is. As a result, they know themselves and they know what their likes and dislikes are, they are not about playing mind games on anther person, and they recognize when love is happening and if they are abiding by it. In other words, mature?

This is unlike people in toxic love relationships, involving people who don't entirely know themselves enough to handle how a healthy relationship is suppose to be, therefore having issues in their communication because they do not know how to express themselves properly. Healthy communication is everything in keeping relationships as smooth as possible, because whether things are going good or bad, you can always end things on a good note because you were mature about it. Healthy communication (i.e not lashing at one another and being honest no matter what). So anybody can be in love, but it doesn't mean its always healthy. In other words, immature?

In all mature loves, I believe the couples are whole and balanced; spiritually conscious. Thinking further however, What if you two are both spiritually conscious, and love doesn't work out? I think that at least you two won’t allow each other to become toxic/immature…perhaps. And that’s because I feel you two know God and/or you two are somehow in tuned with how love and destiny are to feel with you personally. Sometimes that “feeling” wont match that other persons “feelings” for love and destiny. That “feeling” is like a spiritually calling unto someone…and when you know, you just do.

Do all healthy relationships have God intertwined?

Im open minded , could there be healthy minded atheist?

Top 5 VIA as an Entrepreneur

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I've been wondering a lot lately about myself as an entrepreneur. Like am I cable of being of making the right choices in this journey, or if I even possess the drive that it takes to roll it out and be successful. Then I look at all my associates on my social media and I see them launching off big projects, clothing lines, books and music videos and wonder if I'm even doing enough! It drives me crazy half the time so I just stay off social media and I focus on my own path as a reserved, introverted loner entrepreneur; one with big dreams and a lot of ideas and thoughts to share from my knowledge and experience. This will be written in SKY BLUE  as it will be coming from my intellectual life domain...

I Just took this online survey, developed by Psychologists called “Values in Action”, for short, V.I.A. It provides a RANKED list of you 24 strongest qualities…They encouraged the test takers to think about how you might use your top 5 strengths in your relationship, at the office and in your free time. People who consistently apply “signature strengths” experience less depression and more happiness. It’s also an easy way to refocus your efforts to better set you up for success…To whom it may concern…

So these were my top 5 Values in Action

1). Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence:noticing and appreciating beauty, excellence, and/or skilled performances in various domains of life, from nature to art to mathematics to science to EVERYDAY experience.

I related to this and began to notice this within myself. My home, for example has a “LIFE” theme in which I appreciate the beauty of life. My TV shows pictures of Nature (waterfalls, birds, flowers, lightening, deserts, city lights etc). I have a wall mount entitled “LIFE A-Z” and it just tells you what life is about from A-Z: A—art, B—balance, C—choices, D—dream, E—education etc. All the way down to Z—zest. These are essentially things to value and appreciate in life. And go figure, I chose to spend $200 on this art piece. It’s because of my #1 strength that I’m growing a poppy flower on my patio…and it is so cute and awesome. It’s because of my #1 strength that I choose to have water as my center piece on my coffee table. Let me tell you about water... Water is one of those vital things in life, it makes up about 71% of the earths surface, oceans hold 96.5% of ALL earths water! Water also exists in the air as water vapor, in rivers and lakes, in icecaps and glaciers, in the ground as soil moisture and in aquifers, and even in US and your dogs (who doesn't love dogs?). Water is definitely something to value and appreciate. Water is life. Not to mention, I’m also a Water sign!

I love the moon. I have this 7 panel wall canvas of a full moon because the moon is an awesome and beautiful star…And lastly what really amazed me was see that my strength was illustrated in my logo I designed. TheLoveProjectt Life Domains gives attention to all aspect of life that make us whole! Because the mission and belief is this: If an individual is well balanced in the 7 LIFE domains (i.e. Spiritual, Financial, Intellectual, Environmental, Emotional, Social, and Physical) then the individual is more likely to feel more self-actualization and passionate about what they do in life OR DISCOVER a passion for what they want to do in life.

It’s a mission to be your version of WHOLE and TRANSCENDENT. Synonyms for TRANSCENDENT: Extraordinary, Ultimate, Accomplished, Boundless, Consummate, IDEAL, Completeness, Evolution, Purity, EXCELLENCE, Crown, Wholeness. etc). Antonyms to TRANSCENDENT are: Uselessness, Incompleteness, Start, Beginning, Failure, Flaw, Deficiency, Damage, Imperfection.

To be clear,, it’s not “mission impossible”, it’s your story…your own unique version of self-actualization, i.e. the realization or fulfillment of one’s talents and potentialities, especially considered as a drive or need present in everyone.

But those words: Realization and Fulfillment are transcendent synonyms.

Appreciation of beauty and excellence is my #1 strength but how do I exercise that in my entrepreneurial journey? Well, it is for this reason I can design and envision the perfect environment for people to succeed, be in awe, or simply have fun! Designing and envisioning seems to be my strong suit within this strength. I hope I am making you curious about your own...Which brings me to my next top strength. 

2) Hope: Expecting the best in the future and working to achieve it; believing that a good future is something that can be brought about

Once again, this character strength falls under the transcendent virtue. And how can I make money using hope? Lol perhaps plenty of ways, this gives me something to think about...moving on.

3) Judgement: Thinking things through and examining them from all sides; not jumping to conclusions being able to change ones mind in light of evidence; weighing all evidence fairly

4) Prudence: Being careful about one’s choices; not taking UNDUE risks; not saying or doing things that might be later regretted.

I think 3 and 4 go hand in hand. I think I may have had a hard time accepting these things about myself as an entrepreneur; Prudence especially. I don't know too many prudent entrepreneurs in my circle. I’m the only one. Which makes me feel like perhaps I don’t do enough. For one, I don’t take UNDUE risks…I only take risks that have been carefully thought out, premeditated on and planned. Like a chess move…and so for that, it may take months in between moves (sometimes we’re talking spending BIG money too!) This is where my judgement kicks in. For these two strengths are probably the reasons why I don’t move as as fast as the other entrepreneurs in my associate and social media circle. Would you consider yourself prude?

Synonyms for Prudence: CAUTION, diligence, tact, wisdom, conservatism, foresight, judgement, calculation, coolness, concern, reasoning etc…

Antonyms for Prudence are: SPENDING, squandering, (like most entrepreneurs I know); Neglect, negligence, and recklessness…etc. I don’t want to sound too negative.

I am not one of those “starving artist” entrepreneurs who just spends on undue risk just to make money! I prefer to work smart and be patient. I save, and think about the value my product and service can and will have to my family and friends and to their family and friends. But what I learned is that, my strength in judgement and prudence is not something to beat myself up over, it’s just what makes me different. And when I see how those other entrepreneurs are in my associate and social media circle? They’re stressed, they look tired, they were once homeless…Is that something to be proud of? To prove to us that you work hard?

Work smart, not hard

Judgement falls on the virtue of wisdom. Would you consider yourself wise? Synonyms for wisdom are: insight, common sense, SANITY, knowledge, intelligence, PRUDENCE(there’s that word), understanding, experience, stability etc…there’s a lot of words, the list can go on and on…

Prudence falls under the virtue of temperance. I’m not too familiar with this word. Synonyms for temperance are: self-restraint, abstinence, control, self-denial, frugality, moderation, happy medium, self-discipline, etc…

I see the trait of prudence and temperance especially in my personality and in my entrepreneurship! I can’t help myself, and I beat myself up over it. Yes, I feel self-denial a lot…more than people know and yet I’m accuse of being arrogant; and I believe in taking my entrepreneurial tasks in zen moderation… But that doesn't make me any less successful that the profile next to me. It DOES takes the frustration off my shoulders knowing where these confused, “not-good-enough” feelings come from. Now I can stop putting myself in a box of how an entrepreneur is “suppose” to be—and comparing myself to my associates. Now I can change my perspective on the matter and look at perhaps the benefits of being a prude entrepreneur. This bring me to my last top 5 value in action.

5) Perspective: Being able to provide wise counsel to others (including myself); having ways of looking at the world that makes sense to oneself/others.

All done! If you made it this far, I thank you. My brands' mission supports any and ALL ways that lead to a more joyful, fulfilling, passionate and transcendent lifestyle, so I especially appreciated this article and I am glad I’m able to share with you. I hope you take interest in discovering your own top 5 VIA now (It takes about 10 min minimum, 15 min maximum)! And if you would love to share them with me, please leave your answers in the comments below :)! the link is available here:

Keep Calm & Trust God

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I have to constantly remind myself that everyone moves at their own pace towards self-actualization. I have the tendency to beat myself up because I am not as successful has the profile next to me yet (key word: Yet)…But you don't have to be constantly working your ass off in order to be successful (some could argue). 

That’s the thing, I’m confident I’ll be successful (thanks to the help and support of my family, friends, and associates who saw it in me more than I could see it in myself). I am already successful for 25 years old (employed, my own roof over my head, transportation, family love and support) That’s rich! I’m grateful

I just want more for myself. I have my whole life ahead of me—like why not? I want TheLoveProjectt to touch lives. But getting down to the nitty gritty, it’s a bunch of shit I don’t understand yet about business and financial goals. I’m getting there…(I had my follow up meeting with the “competing” financial advisory company the other day and I feel so much more secure in my knowledge with what I'm getting into with my insurance and investments for my future). I sealed the deal. AND…We have the help and guidance we need if we keep an open mind. These people I’ve linked with are here to help me along the way, that gives me hope and security.

So i’m writing to tell myself, it’s going to be okay, as long as I don't give up. I may not be as fast as I’d like to be with the plans I have in store but I am just going to keep moving. I’m not writing to become a famous author …I’m writing to keep my mind in check and to stay focused….You guys just so happen to be invited into these thoughts, to whom it may concern. Can you relate? We all want something for ourselves, to be somebody for somebody.

My biggest anxiety I gave to God this morning is this:I just want to get it all out, every idea i have within that I envision for TLP-big or small…my journals, my music, my innovative ideas,…if its possible, I want to focus on it until I see it come to life. And everything I want to become.

I’m taking myself more serious this year—making moves I know I need to make. It won’t be easy, nor cheap, I’m already knowing. But it will happen and that’s what I hold faith to at the end of the day. I’ll fail, I’ll continue to learn new things…I’m working zenfully on a couple different things right now with 2 players (animator and entrepreneur coach). I’ve planted seeds with them that will grow in due time. And then I’ll get it right and succeed. This is my year ! Year of the player…


Fuck Bitches, Get Money; Financial Inception

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Matthew 6:34 “Therefore do no worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about it’s own things. Sufficient for the day is its own troubles”

This is the scripture I’ve been meditating on to stay present on my duties for today and not to be anxious about my future. It feels like my life’s changed since I was last focused on Brittany. Yeah…that was a waist of “minutes” and then that Spiritual inception into leadership happened that has gotten me more focused on my entrepreneurship. For the record, I never heard from Brittany ever since she post-poned our date. Then I danced the night away at Courtney’s bday event. Now I am back on my freedom course of not giving a fuck about any of these women who can’t follow through on simple shit—or any women for that matter. Yes, women are still talking to me and showing interest, but I already know what they're about—it’s all just for entertainment. That’s cool but you don’t just cut the show off right when its getting good. If I were a boy, I’d have mental blue balls…Seriously, it’s just annoying now and It’s gotten me a little bitter I wont lie (Hence the title).

Fuck bitches, get money

That’s the mood today. Yes, fuck em! forget about them. As far as yesterday, I’ve had my host of problems—3 to be exact.

1) My job blaming me, without clear reason, for opening a supposedly expensive bottle of PATRON, that was also apparently $50 a shot. No manager or co-worker even warned me of this immaculate, proscribed bottle. The fault they PUT ON ME was just ridiculous. For one, Patron ain’t shit to anyone who truly values a good Tequila, and two, GOOD LUCK trying to sell it at $50 a shot.

I think that the man in charge was just having a bitch-fit, and he needed someone to blame it on. Well they learned, I was not the one. I went off on any manager that came for me. I had to verbally, fight my way through their preposterous bullshit list of REASONS and comments about me. I had facts and history that just made them look stupid. It was a fight indeed—only for them to just give up in the end and leave me alone.


2)Loosing my phone to the TSA X-ray machine shortly thereafter—for about 4 hours. The area was locked and my biggest mission was to find a supervisor to open it for me. I wasn't even completely sure it was in there! Meanwhile I’m running all over the airport for help—lost and found, the bank office etc and thinking “I will have to renew my WHOLE LIFE” (aka entertainment system). I would have literally suffered my darkest hour. Lol my phone is what turns on and controls my lights when I am at home—and without that, I would of had no lights. And no music, so I practically would’ve been lifeless.

3) The issue that leads me to today’s low-key infamous saying of the day “fuck bitches, get money”. The “intrusion" on my life insurance policy. I’ve put that in quotations because the intrusion wasn’t necessarily bad…In fact, I learned something today. And I learned in a much rather heated, confrontational, slightly competitive environment. The communication environment was tense, but the physical environment was in my home! I mean, this shit was crazy awkward. I basically had 2 DIFFERENT (key word: Different) financial advisory companies in my home to explain to me what my life insurance policy is…(soon to be ‘was’;) because apparently I didn't exactly know what I had gotten myself into. Some of the things they covered was the difference between the CONTRACT and the ILLUSTRATION: the contract tells me what’s GUARANTEED, while the illustration tells me what’s possible beyond what’s guaranteed (key word: what’s POSSIBLE). I also learned the difference between life insurance and retirement. Lol, don’t judge me, because you typically don’t even see a lot of people my age even thinking about these things, if you are that great. Life insurance is for who and whats covered WHEN YOU'RE DEAD, while retirement is your investment of money you get back— that you've been building on while you are still alive! And through this heated learning, I found out (like we were on some reality TV shit) that my agent was technically not looking out for my best interest, only giving me life insurance, when I was sitting there looking stupid saying I was investing in my future!  LOL…I was not, I was investing in my death! In fact, they even put my agent on the spot about not even having an investment license. Apparently other agents within the company I was signed up in had investment licenses, but not him.

The main issue for me was that I was not signed up for retirement as I was with life insurance. Though Life insurance is not bad, for ya know—if I start a family later on in life or something… but retirement is really something I was aiming at for the purposes of my business later on in life.

For the purposes of being FINANCIALLY WHOLE AND BALANCED in accordance to my brand, I must have my retirement and life insurance in check.

The financial life domain of TheLoveProjectt reads: Employment, Financial security, Life Insurance and Retirement.

I also learned with the other “competing” financial advisory company (I won’t say any names) is that they can give me BOTH of what I need through ONE agent and not TWO (that’s a better deal), I’m a simple woman, If i can bust two brids in one stone then of course. And I learned that my agent was only giving me life insurance for a term of only 20 fucking years! I mean this guy was just blowing it! LOL! He gave me a “term policy” as opposed to what’s more valuable for me being 25 years old aka young as fuck—“WHOLE TERM policy” because I have a WHOLE LIFE ahead of me. If I was damn near death, b*tch, a 20 year policy would be good LOL! But I plan on being alive for more than 20 years pal! If I stay with my current agent, my life insurance would end at 45 years old. 

At this point of the heated learning between these two (which btw i was quiet the whole time) I am mentally concluded with the competing company against my agent. I felt bad for changing teams but you know, God works in mysterious ways, and at the end of the day, what I’m trying to do with my money matters more than my relationship with my agent. Me and Paul developed a great spiritual and professional relationship…but in this case, it’s all about the money and not relationships.(Girls ruined that for you, Paul, i apologize)…I have disclosed plans for my retirement.

I just wonder why Paul never even set me up for retirement, while he was busy getting my death package together. Luckily, I’ve only invested ONLY $200.56 into my Life Insurance plan (2 months). In the meantime, I have a follow up meeting with the competing company to follow through possibly with them. Sad to say, but I may be converting to them for the greater good of my financial future and entrepreneurship. Sure, me and Paul’s relationship was legit and I don't think we’re going to loose that but…It is what it shall me when it comes to my financial goals. The message here is: You gotta do what you gotta do~!

Candyman Nostalgia -Emotional Inception

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I think every 25 year old experiences that moment of bliss--dancing with a stranger in a club one night. It's not as creepy as it reads, in fact It magical, just like the movies! We were in each others own world of bodily communication! Whatever my body did, this mysterious dancer of mine, mirrored my move in his own unique & colorful way. Intuitively we did that for 4 beats and then he switched it up and then it was HIS turn to take the lead and then I mirrored, in my own unique way. This was unlike any dancing I've done before, no, this was ARTISTIC! LOL... We were "[running] with the feeling of being of being alive , while we're still young] . Those are lyrics from that song King Of The Summer (check out the video)! Feel alive.

*Side note* Whenever you see a blog written in red, it’s expressing the balance in my psychological emotional life—mental well being, feelings, and emotions. It also includes other facets like optimism, a sense of satisfaction and most importantly, having a sense of purpose...referring back to my brands mission, If we are to reach self-actualization, having a sense of purpose is important. #EmotionalBalance

This was an event from Courtney. Me and Courtney have a pretty dark, romantic, emotional roller coaster of a ride—HISTORY. (according to me only). LOL Have you ever been in a relationship with someone in YOUR HEAD for years? That was me...that was US. But nonetheless, the events and experiences that happened in our life together were true: the kissing, the rendezvous, the love triangles, the threesome, the arguments—make up and break ups; I was just the only one madly in love, while to her, it was what most of us call "dating" today. That was my 1st HANDS ON love. And I'm actually thinking more and more about publishing part of our story BECAUSE, it was her last name that gave me the inspiration to my LLC name. Deep anyways, this was her event for her bday, and we danced together that night. It was SOMEWHAT of magical experience because I felt nostalgic with blurred memories from our college life. Ahhhh, we were so young and naive back then...and we definitely didn't know ourselves as well as we do now. For one, the dancing we did together back then had me unbelievably horny ALL THE TIME. (Grinding on someone you are obsessed with, and all the hormones?) It was nuts. As an adult now? its just funny. Its crazy how we came to be after that relationship! In a sense you could say that I was "holding on to memories, cause smiles are still alive" ..."walking through my past days , where the days are full of joy, And it feels so good" (Once again, more lyrics from Candyman, seriously, check out the video!)


(Spiritual Inception into Leadership, part II)

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The true leader acts in such a way as to be hardly known in the entire process. This leader offers trust, encouragement, and congratulations as others find their own way” -UNKNOWN

Leadership has nothing to do with being in the spot light. I learned it’s mainly just about TAKING CARE of your people & honoring their story… The homie Jesus was best at this...He focused on offering dignity, honor & worth to every person he encountered, even those who had made terrible mistakes in their lives.

So far, in my spiritual walk towards leadership, I’m learning that I need to grow spiritually. I’m not going to be too hard on myself, because it takes a lifetime. The purple in my logo stands for being spiritually balanced (considering your religion). So I can’t ignore this.

“Spirituality”-connection with supreme being and nature.

Remember the Gifts I talked about in my last entry? Well I came across them in Chapter 4 of Ephesians … The other homie, Paul writes to us about unity in the body and this is where it mentions that Jesus left us all with spiritual gifts. Ephesians 4:4 “for there is one body, and one Spirit, just as you have been called to one glorious hope for the future. There is one Lord, one faith, one baptism, and one God and Father, who is over all and in all and living through all. However, he has given each one of us a special gift, through the generosity of Christ, that is why the scriptures say, When he ascended to the heights, he led a crowd of captives and gave gifts to his people” these were the gifts : the Apostles, the Prophets, the Evangelists, the Pastors, and the Teachers....& all of us have these gifts for the greater good of all uniting the people to this one faith. I feel we all have these unique gifts in different ways of expression and not necessarily like it would be expected in the bible. For example, most musicians take on the form of a teacher, pastor, or prophet, which is amazing. And then there are the obvious, pastors in the Church and teachers at the Universities.

Anyways, the scripture continued…“This will continue until we all come to such unity in our faith and knowledge of Gods son that we will be mature in the Lord, measuring up to the full complete standard of Christ” *whew* boy that’s a lot to take in for me. Full Standard huh?…damn, I know I need a lot of work, Lord knows I am no saint.

Another thing worth noting is that as much as Spiritual growth is needed as part of my leadership, it’s more than just behavioral’s about the relationship with God that needs to be nurtured. Like most things in life, they’re based in the relationship. When you have a genuine relationship, whatever you’re building the growth should be natural…(key word: should be)…I’ll get back to that later, I have a story on that.

Spiritual Inception into Leadership

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It’s time to get deep. And by deep, I mean SPIRITUAL. I miss the says where I really invested in my spiritual self. There was a unique relationship between me and God in my writing and I told Him all about my spiritual revelations and confirmations. They never went away and I am still that person, I just stopped writing about my spiritual revelations because — I’m going to be honest, it took some serious investment and consistency to actually see how God unfolded situations within myself and my relationships, through the sent symbolism and people He’s encountered me with. He always revealed meaning to things I’ve questioned. And also..things just became too shameful to dig into…

But I'm not going to get too personal. It’s been a minute since I’ve dived into God’s spiritual confirmations over my life through people. All my life, God has used choose people to SEE in me what I’ve always seen in myself deep down—modestly. It’s spiritual confirmation because I don't TELL these people ANYTHING like that about me. How do they know and see what I know and see in me? It’s spiritual confirmation that I’m not crazy of boasting about my future what I envision—God willing.

So this Spiritual confirmation happened yesterday while I was out at a birthday dinner with my neighbor and her family. And it’s also spiritual in that, before I even left to the dinner, I was hanging with my sister feeling INCLINED to GO to this dinner and be on time for some reason. I told my sister, “Maybe I will meet someone”, being open-minded and in my Player mode—hoping I’d meet another fine chick to perhaps distract me from all this…but no, I really “met and seen” my neighbor spiritually and all she had to say to me from God. And this is a woman of faith…I mean, her family is deeply rooted in faith, she’s the pastors daughter! LOL…She was the one.

She and I recognized that she played her part in being a VESSEL in this spiritual confirmation over my life…That was deep.

Here’s where it gets deeper: She told me that when she 1st laid eyes on me she “saw someone important” *chills*…HER WORDS! NOT MINE, I promise I’m not boasting. Love does not boast. Then the 1st words that came to her mind were “Touch Lives…”

I didn't even know what to say to that! Truth be told: I want to be a Life Coach. I want to touch lives with my stories. (Book 12-33). And I’ve always seen that for myself. I see Artist and Players really being the Physical and Environmental platform to help and lead my people in the right direction…

I am still learning the way to get there, but I know—through spiritual confirmations that that’s where I’m heading eventually—God willing. I’m following the journey unknown and having faith along the way. That’s the reason I'm even here now writing this to you…This was a feeling I needed to follow.

In addition to this, she then discovered that I was a Visionary—like her sister. She said I had THE GIFT & that I should read about it in the book of Ephesians. That was perhaps a message from God revealing a new spiritual identity in me. Thank You…

Could it be that my Gift transfers to chosen people and that THEY’RE the one’s to SEE and confirm what I see? (Like a selectively contagious Holy Spirit that temporarily & unconsciously possesses them with the gift of prophecy)? God works in mysteriously ways……

From what I learned having the gift of being a visionary—from the perspective of the Bible, means having the gift of prophecy. And in that moment, I remember feeling afraid and feeling predisposed to going home to be safe. She wasn’t trying to freak me out but I was freaking my own self out.

Not everything I see is good. I see dark things too…(i.e. doubt, death and a host of other wicked things). But just as there is GOOD and EVIL, I should realistically know these things exist in our world. That doesn't mean I have to OWN everything I see. It just makes me a realist…because who wants to be blindly optimistic… This is also just the mental weight of being a Scorpio.

God doesn't give a spirit of fear…I had some work to do, and that highly involves focusing on the POSITIVE in spite of the NEGATIVE in our world. Because it’s there, that’s life. That’s one of the whole notions of BALANCE. (Here is the Yin Yang Symbol Simplified below).

So I went home, prayed, and started reading the book of Ephesians. I am reading thoroughly through this book now with hopes to hear from God and know more of what a visionary is…Who am I God?

I asked Him to speak to me and long story shortened, he led me towards LEADERSHIP. And I’ll just end it there. (To be continued…;))

Introducing The Deep Dive Flow

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Brittany apparently isn’t mad with me about that post I sent her. Going with the flow did me well, and I guess all it took was patience. Sometimes we have to remember that when that other doesn't text back, you kinda don’t know whats happening on the other side. My imagination got the best of me, but I stayed and she came back. Now’s its time go deeper…

It feels like there was an energy shift, as if that outspoken post broke some big ice. Not giving a fuck does wonders, but it is risky.

The flow now is still enigmatic though, & I don’t feel like I’m trying too hard because of that but I’m still being me and showing my interest and she seems to be just…romantically platonic. It’s funny…and its safe. Satisfying nonetheless…

She is not that reciprocative to my “personality-driven” comments (i.e. comments/statements designed to scratch the surface and get a little more information about what a person’s emotionality is like and who they are, if that makes since)… she's not opening that door for me, and that’s okay, just an acknowledgment. She’s keeping things light and surfaced and I guess I should follow suit. But then there are those moments when I feel she's flirting? I know terms of endearment can mean just about ANYTHING these days, but when you begin to KNOW a person better, you can decipher if it’s a meaningful term of endearment or just words... but I guess I should follow suit right? I'll flirt right back. 

Not to forget the sexual door she opened for me in the very beginning of our talking, when the spark was lit. That revealed the initial interest… that she’s now hidden because of the return of her most recent situation. Things like that don't just go away because you stop expressing them.

I know she’s a good girl, that’s probably what this is all about. Self-control and being faithful…But when you have your eye on someone who may not be your cup of tea at the moment, you may know sure as hell know they will be that shot of tequila when you know the time is right. She knows that. I feel that--but we’re just getting to know each other now.

She’s grown, she’s not stupid…she knows assertiveness and how to use it when she wants what she desires & she’s a freak when she wants to be…but most importantly, she REAL and there is nothing fake about her. She got this if she wanted...and I don't mind either way. 

Just to be clear, I’m not expecting nothing from this relationship, this is just introducing a deep flow into my thoughts about where this could be going… I cannot do the surface level shit for long, you should know I get deeper. It’s interesting, so just flow with me if you will...And tbh, I feel we all thiink the same way but are too ashamed to let the world know that we all think this deep about someone. Do I sound obsessive? Well, I'm not. But anyways...

We have our 1st meet-up soon…Stay tuned. 

New Year, New Player, part III

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I mentioned that this year in 2019, I decided I want to be more GENEROUS…& by generous, I mean I want to be more giving with my money. I don't want to be so attached to my money this year…I can afford to give more.

So I started off the new year, hosting an official TLP style Game Night with just some family and friends. I bought the majority of the mini games (Air Hockey, Pool, Tic-Tac-Toe, Shot Pong, Drink Master, Mancala and ‘Things’ game), I bought the liquor (because what’s TLP style without drinks?)…& then I bought some really nice, well thought out, unique prizes to count as gifts for Christmas 2018—and to give game night a nice touch to it in the end.

The prize round was literally the best part of the night, because giving away those gifts to deserved winners just felt GOOD. They genuinely had fun and it feels good to give from the heart. Everything felt genuine and whole (from the love and support of my family, to seeing other act within their inner child, seeing them enjoy free liquor on top of that? and then be given a prize). So many wins and it felt amazing. That is why I want to challenge myself more so, to GIVE more when there is an opportunity and if I feel it in my heart—follow through. Life is better when you make other peoples lives better. Money comes and goes…

Then I thought about my project Artist and Players. I planned this game night so well, if only I had more money, sponsors and investors, I could make a really big network party for what I envision with AP. I could do that, it is just a matter of time and focus. This game night gave me insight into how I could organize Artist and Players with my partners Antonio and Amare. I saw my potential & It was inspiringly felt with all the love I was feeling as well…

My game night was a very generous move and it was a good way to start off the new year with my goal of wanting to be more generous. That was a fun way to be generous. I want to make this my thing and have more of these game nights. I think it should be a TLP thing I do personally—with family and friends. I dominated the vibe of this event, it felt like me…another type of PLAYER—but in a literal since of bringing my family and love ones together to play games. I love games…they're interactive and stimulating, and I’m very much attracted to that.